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Man Claims UPS Sold His Motor

Today, we take it for granted that we can order and send packages around the country and the world with ease. But


Adorable Four Year Old Becomes UPS Driver For A Day

Little Carson has been obsessed with the UPS man for most of his life. Now, he has become best buddies


DHL Pranks Competitors To Deliver Boxes Reading ‘DHL Is Faster’

We're in a new age of marketing where traditional ads just don't capture the attention they used to.  Knowing this,


UPS Man Stumbles Upon Apocalyptic Scene

Youtuber OutdoorsPOV is a UPS man who delivers to the same nursing hospital on a daily basis. But today was not like


Wild Turkey Chases UPS Guy Around FedEx Truck

Snow Biggie was in the cafeteria of the University of Minnesota Hospital for some lunch when someone noticed a battle taking place outside. 


UPS Parking Lot During The Holidays Time Lapse

Christmas is the time of gift giving and 'stuff' purchasing. That means packages in the mail. Lots of them.  Naturally,


UPS Deliveryman Sings ‘Santa Is Your UPS Man’

We all know that Santa delivers toys for all the good boys and girls for Christmas, but lets be real.


How UPS Delivers A Package

This seems to happen to all of us. We wait for a package all day, but finally decide to run