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Katy Perry Votes Naked

Even though the choices this year seem to be like having to chose between a folk and a straw for…

Wiretapping The Government Prank

Roman Atwood is well known on YouTube as one of the most popular prankster online. But he may have gotten himself…

West Point Parodies Gangnam Style

With so many Gangnam Style spoofs and parodies, it's sometimes hard to find the high quality ones. Well, West Point…

Disabled Boy Walks To His Returning U.S. Marine Father For First Time

The Welcome Home Blog has again gone viral with their latest US service personal family reunion video submission. Mom who submitted the…

Marines Shoot Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

This older video has resurfaces recently going viral on many social sharing sites. A marine shows us how to fix…

US Soldier Dancing With Afghan Children

Forget war, lets dance. This is how we can win over the Afghan people.  


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