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Jeff Daniels, Usher, Nick Jonas, And Jimmy Fallon Play Pyramid

One game Jimmy Fallon loves to play over and over on The Tonight Show is the iconic TV game show Pyramid.


Usher Takes On Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Apparently, Usher can do more than just a sing. The talented dancer proved just how in shape he is on The


Usher Fights Himself In ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Samsung Music Video

Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a


David Guetta And Usher Without You Rock Cover

The new Italian music channel Aurora Brivido Music went viral last week with their awesome cover of Katy Perry's Wide Awake,


Old Man Covers DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

YouTuber  has been covering famous songs on their account for sometime now with almost no views, but they just recently got


Usher More Thor Spoof

Now that I see it, it's so obvious. Usher's hit song, More, is perfect to spoof with the movie Thor.


Passover A Cappella Pop Mix Spoofs Usher And Kesha

Jewish a cappella parodies of pop music are expected around every Jewish holiday at this point in the Internet. First, the Hanuka song


DJ Got Us Falling In Love Cover

Sam Tsui sings a cover of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallng In Love.


Usher Lip Syncs DJ Got Us Falling In Love And OMG – X Factor 2010 Live Show

All Usher does is dance around with his dancing babes, and barely sings. He has his record playing on the


Midget Dancing, Lip Syncing Usher DJ Got Us Falling In Love

This dude rocks out to Usher's new hit song DJ got us falling in love Ft Pitbull. He goes crazy


There Goes My Baby – Usher Dance Video

Scotty Nguyen  Tracy Shibata dance on the walls to There Goes My Baby by Usher. By moving the camera to


Usher Performs DJ Got Us Falling In Love – American’s Got Talent Finale 2010 9/15/10

All Usher does is dance and say com'n while he performs DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again.