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Sick 5 Year Old Plays For The Utah Jazz

JP Gibson is only five years old, but for the few years he's been in this world he has loved


Brother Dances On Street Corner After Losing Bet

Andrew Wilcox is the older brother, and never loses when he plays his younger bro in basketball. But the one day they


This Incredible Wingsuit Flight Through A Narrow Utah Canyon Will Blow You Away

Aviation and wing-suit master Scotty Bob is a pro, so don't try this one yourself.  Scott daringly flew through an extremely narrow canyon


Amazing Water Sports Using A Track Hoe

Videographer Devin Supertramp gathered his friends and hit up Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. Somehow, they got their hands on an industrial


Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation

Three Boy Scout leaders have found themselves in hot water after destroying a 200 million year old rock formation in


Giving $100 To Homeless People

The trend of positive 'pranksters' continues online. This time, Kyle of Give Back Films debuted his new channel with a video of


Flash Flood Chaser Captures Incredible Traveling Flood In Utah Desert On Camera

Most people are familiar with storm chasers, but flood chasers? Do people really chase flash floods for fun and excitement?


Miss Utah Fails Answer At Miss USA Pageant

As they say, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. And the Internet knows too well how strongly beauty


World’s Most Insane Rope Swing

Popular online videographer Devin Supertramp has again gathered up his friends in Utah for some serious rope swinging fun. It was


Passenger Of Small Airplane Captures Crash Landing In Field On Cellphone Camera

Jonathan Fielding took a birthday flight with his wife, which was coincidentally her first time flying, his mother in-law, and his baby


Spider-Man Kissing Prank

Online prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with Bangakang for a Valentine's Day-themed video. With the permission of Utah State University, Stuart asked girls walking


Passersby Slide Down Path During Utah Winter Freezing Rain

Apparently, the winter in Utah has been pretty dull this year. But according to lane182videos, "Utah winter finally redeemed itself