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26 November, 2020



The Tick Explained

Fake vampires can't compete with the real blood suckers of nature, the tick. The New York Times explains how the tiny real…

History Of Vampires Animation

In honor of Halloween, education channel TED-Ed commissioned this animation covering the history of vampires.  Interestingly enough, the first vampires in folklore…

Vampire In The City Prank

In honor of Halloween, popular prankster Ed Bassmaster donned a vampire costume to spook city walkers in the city. And who…

VAMP U Trailer Looks Terrible

Just when you thought the obnoxious vampire trend would end in Hollywood after the Twilight series comes this new (pathetic…

Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes

Yes. Of course the entire web hates the Twilight series. Nearly half of the obnoxious memes circling the Internet for the past…

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a new movie coming out this year based on the novel Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. By…

Audi Vampire Super Bowl 2012 Commercial

Like so many others, Audi has finally jumped onto the vampire bandwagon, even if they are a couple years late.…

Harry Met Sally 2 Vampire Trailer

 After Sally died, Harry moves to an elderly community. He's all alone until he finds a woman just like Sally.…



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