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How Vending Machines Detect Specific Coins

Most of us take vending machines for granted these days. Though they have been around for quite sometime and appear


Car Vending Machine Is Somehow Real

Nearly every commercial experience these days has been streamlined to be faster, easier, and more customer friendly. But it seems the


How Far Will You Go For A Free Vending Machine Snack

Every vending machine around the world operates under the same guidelines. The user deposits some form of currency, and the


Vending Machine Shoots Out Bottle Prank

JustForLaughsTV set up this hilarious shooting vending machine prank. They had a 'blind' man ask a passerby to help buy his


Japanese Hand-Crank Vending Machine

After the horrible earthquakes and tsunamis that struck Japan, the people have found a silver lining by learning from the terrible ordeal.


Cupcake Vending Machine

Who wouldn't want a yummy, cupcake at anytime of the day? That's exactly what famous LA cupcake bakery Sprinkles thought. So they


Vending Machine Winner

There's no better feeling than buying a soda at a vending machine, and having two fall instead of one. Well,


French Baguette Vending Machine

In America, we have vending machines churning out candy, sodas, and ice cream. In France, a baker has just debuted


Crab Vending Machine In China

In America the only food in vending machines are chips, pop, and candy bars. In China they just started serving