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Running Of The Bulls Prank At Venice Beach

Improv Everywhere teamed up with popular YouTubers to prank beach-goers at the Venice Beach boardwalk with an impromptu running of the…

Farting Prank At Huntington Beach

Jack Vales, the creator of The Pooter, took his fake farting device to Huntington Beach to prank Californians. No matter the…

Hugging Strangers At Venice Beach Prank

Monotone Andrew Hails and prank group LAHWF have come up with one of their best awkward social experiments yet. Andrew just walked…

Friends Bury Treasure Then Dig It Up Later On Crowded Venice Beach

A bunch of friends at Bangakang thought of a great prank idea to pull on the beach goers of Venice Beach. Late…

RC Car Drifting At Skate Park

The Venice Beach Skate Park is one of the central hubs for skaters, athletes, and beach goers in California. Racer Ken…


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