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If Dogs And People Switched Places At The Vet

In his latest sketch, French comedian Rémi Gaillard took a step away from the comedy to create a video with a philosophical


Huge Dog Takes Veterinarian For A Ride

The vet has one of the hardest jobs out there. At least regular doctors know that their patients understand they


Cute Pandas Don’t Want To Take Their Medicine

Pandas are already considered the cutest type of bears. This is proven yet again in this trending video from China's CCTV News.


Smart Cat Escapes Cage

Marshmallow is one smart kitty. While locked in a cage at a veterinary clinic in Marseille, France Marshmallow figured out how


Veterinarian Sits In Car Parked For Half Hour To Show How Hot It Gets

Dr Ernie Ward is a practicing veterinarian who, like most vets, receives too many pets who become sick or worse from


Chihuahua Puppy With Shaker Syndrome Is Adorable

Dr Greg DVM shows us an adorable chihuahua puppy that seems fine when held in his hands. But when put down,


Wounded Kitten Is Given A New Face

This stray kitten was found in a garage malnourished, flea infested, and with horrible facial wounds. Instead of euthanizing the hurt kitty, the