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Actual Audio From Vietnam Vet’s Mission

Mark Garrison is a Vietnam vet who wrote a book about his experience as a pilot in the US military, titled GUTS…

Crossing The Street In Vietnam Is Crazy

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam with over seven million people.…

Vietnamese Traffic Cop Holds Onto Front Of Rogue Speeding Bus

British news channel itnnews brings this report of a rogue bus driver in Vietnam. The driver was pulled over by a traffic…

Excavator Rowing Boat

There's a famous saying, "If it's stupid, and it works, it's not stupid." We're not sure if that applies here.…

Amazing Time Lapse Of Traffic In Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a city evolving showing signs of modernity and relics from tradition. Rob Whitworth took 10,000 photos from…

Crossing Busy Street In Vietnam

Traffic in America is very simple. People wait for a green light to walk across a busy street, or, if…

Two Nerds Voice Over Playing Vietnamese Pokemon

If you are a nerd like me, you'll appreciate this. Two Pokemasters play a Vietnamese version of Pokemon Crystal. The…



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