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Arab Girl Dances To Street Violinist In Italy

Tourists and passersby got a special treat on the streets of Italy when a young Palestinian girl started dancing to


Girl Imitates Car Alarm On Violin

Anyone who has lived in a big city knows the sound of a car alarm all too well. More often


Girl Masters The Violin In Two Years Compilation

As her name implies, Violin Noobie decided to learn how to play the famous string instrument all on her own two years


Lindsey Stirling Dragon Age Music Video

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling is trending online after debuting her latest music video. Dragon Age features dramatic special effects, visuals, and of


History Of The Violin

The violin is one of the oldest musical instruments. Where would classical music be without the violin? but more importantly, where


Elephants Dance To Violin

Elephants are known for their intelligence, powerful emotions, and great memories. Musician Eleanor Bartsch had an upcoming violin performance with the Wisconsin Chamber


US Airways Doesn’t Allow Musicians To Bring Violins On Plane, So They Perform On The Runway

Musician Nicolas Kendall was traveling with his fellow violinist Zach to meet their bassist in Fayetteville, Arkansas to perform at the Artosphere Arts


Lindsey Stirling And Lzzy Hale Star In ‘Shatter Me’ Music Video

Lzzy Hale of Grammy-award winning rock band Halestorm guest stars in violin queen Lindsey Stirling's latest music video. The two put on a


Lettice Rowbotham Performs Violin Pop Music Medley On Britain’s Got Talent

Lettice Rowbotham stuck out from the rest of the contestants on Britain's Got Talent for her bubbly personality. But it was


Fields Of Gold Cover Music Video By Tyler Ward, Lindsey Stirling, And Peter Hollens

Famous YouTube singers Peter Hollens and Tyler Ward teamed up with prominent violinist Lindsey Stirling to create this brand new cover song. The three musicians stroll


Beyond The Veil By Lindsey Stirling

Prominent online violinist Lindsey Stirling has blown viewers away with her newest original song. Not only does Beyond The Veil sound gorgeous, but


Oh Come, Emmanuel Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Kuha’o Case

Popular violinist Lindsey Stirling teamed up with self-taught blind pianist Kuha'o Case for her latest music video.  Together, they perfectly blend their talents to