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Do You Also Hate These News-Like Video-Presentations?

jacksfilms hates them. And got over 700,000 views for doing so.


YouTube’s Top 10 Most Viral Videos Of 2016

Hypebeast put together a list of the ten most viral YouTube videos of 2016. From professional YouTubers to tv show


Your Most Favorite VVV-Posts In 2016

So here are the 15 posts you people somehow managed to click the most here on Viral Viral Videos this


Top 100 Viral Videos Of The Year 2016 By JukinVideo

JunkinVideo put together their top 100 most viral videos of the year. So if you happen to have some spare


Jimmy Kimmel Picks The Best Viral Video Of 2016

On a recent issue of Jimmy Kimmel Live we got to see the election of the best viral clip of


Science Explains What Color Is ‘The Dress’

For two days, the Internet has become obsessed with the color of a dress. The picture went viral , and


Dog Eats Cabbage On Table

'Dog Steals Cabbage,' published by pet lover crackrockcandy, is the latest dog video to go viral. In just one day the video


Textually Active

Popular animator/story teller Swoozie focuses on texting etiquette in his latest rant. He really hates it when he gets a text from a friend,


Flaming Tennis Ball Serve In Super Slow Motion

NSFW - as in, it's not safe to light tennis balls on fire at work. For the love of Pete,


How To Find Viral Videos On Youtube Part 1

1. Channels. Viral videos rarely come from the big Youtubers. You know people like Sxephil, WhatTheBuck, Ray William Johnson, Shay


Top Five Most Memorable Amatuer Viral Opera Singers

5. Connie Talbot, a young girl who sings 'Some Where Over The Rainbow' for Britain's Got Talent. Yes I know