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This One Is For The Virtual Reality Buffs

Virtual Reality is upon us, and it is getting more sophisticated every day. Have a look at this video where


Virtual Reality Pictionary With Andrew Rannells And Michael Che

Welcome to the future! Why use bad old paper and pen when you can use fancy tech?! This way you


Dude Perfect’s Extreme Weather Golf Battle

Take a virtual golf court, some crazy tricksters and a lot of bad weather and et voila - 2.6 million


Conan Visits YouTube’s VR Lab

This is a lot funnier than I expected. Conan got to visit the New York office of YouTube and play


Grandma Freaks Out Trying Virtual Reality

Back in the 90's, gamers got a taste of virtual reality. But it was just plain awful. Finally, modern technology has


Nerd Makes Classic Nintendo Game Duck Hunt In Virtual Reality

It can be argued that Duck Hunt was one of the first virtual reality video games for the home. It


Grandma Tries Virtual Reality For The First Time

What was once only science fiction, or cost even hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be obtained for just


Little Girl Tries Oculus Rift For First Time

Most adults freak out when they try out virtual reality for the first time. So it's no surprise this little


GTA V Played On Motion Control Simulator Is Epic

For the past 30 years, video game graphics have improved dramatically. But today's newest games are still played the same way


Commercial For Virtual Reality Entertainment Center The Void Looks Epic

The days of the good old video game arcade are over. Now, kids have higher tech machines at home than


Teenagers Play Virtual Reality Horror Game Affected: The Manor On The Oculus Rift

There hasn't been much news about The Oculus Rift ever since Facebook bought the brand new virtual reality company last


Senior Citizens Try Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Goggles

In the 90's, virtual reality was a dream. Today, it is quickly becoming a reality. Oculus Rift is the most well known