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Philip DeFranco Got Married And Had An Awesome YouTube Wedding

Most people on YouTube are familiar with Philip DeFranco who hosts the popular Philip DeFranco Show which has over 3.4 million subscribers.


John Green Signs Up For Private Insurance And Obamacare Insurance

The debate over the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, continues to rage on, even if most


An Open Letter To YouTube

Many YouTubers have noticed it, both the content creators and the viewers. YouTube has been changed and updated so many


Fans React To Game Of Thrones Compilation

Game Of Thrones continues to be one of the most popular TV shows online. Episode nine of the third season


In Pursuit Of Happiness – Teacher Resigns Over School’s Obsession Of Standardized Testing

This teacher isn't the first, and she most likely will not be the last. Last winter, the web was shocked


The Quarter Life Crisis

The Internet is populated by mostly young people trying to make sense of this quickly changing world. One confusing part


Lizard Poops On Vlogging Girl’s Lap

NSFW Warning - language content YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed 'crazy


Jenna Marbles Draws Her Life

A new trend on YouTube has emerged where Internet celebrities draw their life in a serious context for their fans


YouTuber Orders World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

The world's most famous coffee shop, Starbucks, is constantly raked over the coals for their outrageous prices. But millions of


Woman Sings Gospel Song About Her Love For Fried Chicken

Logan McWilliams published this amazing chicken love song in October, but, ironically, only went viral now right before Turkey Day. Copies of her


How You Know You Are In The ‘Friend-Zone’

Being 'friend-zoned' is a popular first world problem online. Most often, guys complain that the girl they like doesn't like


Traveler Records His Amazing Emirates Airlines A380 First Class Flight From Bangkok To Hong Kong

Most people despise traveling, but if you have the cash, it can be an extremely pleasurable experience.  On April 30, 2011 Volterrific treated himself to