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73 Questions With Lena Dunham

Vogue got together with actress, writer and feminist Lena Dunham to talk about acting, writing and feminism. In 73 questions.…

Neil Patrick Harris Answers 73 Questions

This recent upload by Vogue went viral, showing the charismatic actor Neil Patrick Harris in their segment "73 Questions With...".…

Taylor Swift Answers 73 Questions

When you're a world famous pop star, boring questions suddenly become very interesting to the common folk. So it's no…

Serena Williams Performs ‘7/11’ Music Video

Serena Williams might be one of the most famous tennis players out there today. While visiting the BallenIsles Country Club with Vogue,…

Shaun Sperling Bar Mitzvah Boy Dances To Madonna’s Vogue In 1992

Shaun Sperling had an awesome bar mitzvah on his 13th birthday in 1992. He read from the Torah and became a…


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