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Epic Movie Trailer Voice Prank

Jon Bailey, the voice-over actor for Honest Trailers, took a recess from his work at Screen Junkies to join Kevin's team at Break for


Morgan Freeman Voice Recording For New Duke Nukem Game

This video, supposedly, of Morgan Freeman doing a voice recording for a new Duke Nukem game is featured on Reddit and


The Lion King Lion Roar Voice Over By Frank Welker

The Lion King is one of Disney's most popular films, but did you ever wonder where the lions' roars were


Funny Dubbed Over Rebecca Black Friday

The Rebecca Black phenomenon continues. JazzaStudios took the original Friday video and dubbed baby voices over the sound. I think the


Two Nerds Voice Over Playing Vietnamese Pokemon

If you are a nerd like me, you'll appreciate this. Two Pokemasters play a Vietnamese version of Pokemon Crystal. The


Funny Honey Badger Voice Over

Most nature show voice overs are slow, calm, and intelligent. This is not that. Our narrator is flamboyant, excited, and


Cat Hitting Printer With British Voice Over

This cat hates printers just as much as me. Some English dude makes a translation of the classic Cat VS