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Volkswagen’s Anti-Texting And Driving Commercial Will Shock You

Texting and driving has become a killer habit. People are literally dying in the streets because drivers don't have the


Volkswagen Engineers Gets Their Wings Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

In 2011, Volkswagen unofficially 'won' the Superbowl of ads with their adorable boy Darth Vader commercial.   They are fighting to regain


Walk Off The Earth Performs ‘Gang Of Rhythm’ On VW Beatle

Canadian rock band Walk off the Earth, most famous for their viral cover of Gotye's hit single Somebody That I Used To Know,


Volkswagen ‘Take On Me’ Inspired Commercial

Volkswagen has gone viral with their new commercial inspired by the A-ha's hit single Take On Me from the 1980's. Nostalgic viewers are


Volkswagen Office Worker With Jamaican Accent Super Bowl Commercial 2013

To promote their all-new Beetle, Volkswagen has published this 'sunny' commercial set to air during the Superbowl. Like nearly all offices


Volkswagen 2013 Superbowl Commercial Featuring Viral YouTube Stars

It seems the trend this Superbowl season is to mix the web with the TV world. More and more advertisers


German Guy Covers Seven Nation Army With Dad Playing Accordion In Volkswagen Driven By Mom

German YouTuber DJ Flula is best known for his funny take on American idioms. Now that he has a following of more


Volkswagen Dog Chasing New Beetle Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial

All big brand companies have big hype surrounding their multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials. One of the most talked about is


Volkswagen Dogs Barking Star Wars Imperial March Commercial

Dogs barking along to music isn't new to marketing and commercials. Pedigree just finished a successful Christmas commercial with dogs appropriately barking


Green Peace Spoofs Volkswagen Superbowl Star Wars Commercial

Volkswagen struck gold last Super Bowl with their adorable mini Darth Vader commercial. But there's another side of Volkswagen that


Volkswagen Super Bowl Beetle Commercial

The bug world up close looks pretty amazing in CGI. A lone black beetle burns rubber in the forest, giving


Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercial Super Bowl 2011

One little dude dressed as Darth Vader tries to us the Force on anything he can, but his powers are