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Little Girl Drives Full Size Truck With Remote Control Through Obstacle Course

Volvo is famous for their strong and durable semi-trucks around the world. But Volvo Trucks isn't satisfied with the status-quo, so


Volvo Lifepaint Makes Bikers Visible At Night

Bicycling is a great way to get around town. It's also good exercise and helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution.


Eccentric ‘Buy My Volvo’ Commercial

What do you do when you have an old car you want to sell? You'd probably put a posting on


Jean-Claude Van Damme Performs Complete Split Between Two Moving Volvo Trucks

Volvo continues to debut viral commercials. Their latest may be one of their most dramatic, and features action superstar Jean-Claude Van


Running Of The Bulls Chase Volvo Truck Commercial

After their first two viral promotional videos, Volvo Trucks is back with a third live test to demonstrate the exclusivity of


Hamster Drives 15 Ton Volvo Truck

At the start of the month, Volvo president Claes Nilsson went viral by brazenly standing on one of his new trucks


Volvo President Stands On Truck Hanging From Giant Crane Commercial

Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, has figured out the web. He knows that to go viral you can't just churn


What Does It Take To Kill A Volvo?

Volvos are famous for being built like solid rocks. It takes a lot to take down a Volvo. But that


Swedish Farmer Puts Turbo Charged Volvo Engine In His Tractor

Mikael240karlsson and his Swedish friends are true speed junkies. For their latest venture, they installed a turbo charged Volvo engine in


Tightrope Walking Between Two Moving Volvo Trucks Stunt

To demonstrate the precision and control of their new FH Series, Volvo Trucks commisioned this daredevil stunt with world record-holding highliner Faith


LegoLand Employees Prank Manager, Swap Car With Lego Copy

LegoLand in California is a magical place where adults work with Legos all day, and get paid for it too!


Volvo Pedestrian Avoidance Test Fail

Volvo is a champion of safety technologies. They are testing their new pedestrian braking system, but I'm not sure if