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How The BBC Makes Planet Earth Look Like A Hollywood Movie

Interesting piece by vox that already got over 800,000 views within a couple days. "The technology behind the cinematic style


Why Do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

Vox eplains the trick behind the good old glove wearing cartoon characters. Over 2.6 million people have already seen this


This Secret Chord Makes Christmas Music Sound Christmassy

Maybe you did notice that most of the usual christmas songs kinda sound the same? This could be because of


How David Blaine Pulled Off His Magic Frog Trick

About two weeks ago this magic trick performed by David Blaine went viral. Hi impressed celebrities like Drake, Steph Curry


This Is Why All World Maps Are Wrong

You probably know that this planet named "Earth", we are living on, is round. But most maps are not. That


Sweet Potatoes And Yams: What’s The Difference?

With this highly informative video, vox got viral twice! Once a year ago, and now they re-upped it for Thanksgiving.


Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained

As I kid I was terrible at these magic eye illusions. I was staring and staring and crossing my eyes

Why rappers love Grey Poupon

It occured to vox editor Estelle Caswell, that several rappers to use Grea Poepon in their lyrics. Since decades. An


Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly In The Left Lane

Every veteran driver knows to cruise in the right lane and use the left lane only for passing or to allow


Why We Might Be Living In A Simulation

Movies such as The Truman Show and The Matrix left viewers forever wondering if perhaps we are in some type


Everything You Need To Know Pokémon Go

Confused by the latest smart phone game phenomenon, Pokemon Go? It seems like everyone is obsessed with this game, even


Why No Aquarium Has A Great White Shark

As most of us know, the great white shark is the most feared and dangerous fish in the world. Every movie