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If Waiters Were Honest

One of the hardest jobs is being a waiter. Not only do you get blamed if the food is slow


Waiter For The Homeless Social Experiment Will Make You Smile

Public Prank left the gags and silliness behind to do some good.  Dressed as a five star waiter, DJ walked the


Waiter With Echo Talent

While drinking outside in Madeira, Portugal, Wouter van der Put stumbled upon a waiter with an extremely unique talent. The waiter somehow


Tipping A Waitress $200

The viral community has seen pranksters give extravagant tips before, but that hasn't stopped viewers from feeling uplifting and inspired


Tipping Servers $200

Online pranksters Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge have executed enough pranks to be YouTube famous.  Now the two want to give


German Beer Server Drops Huge Tray Of Beers

Waiters carrying outrageously large trays of beers is a pretty common occurrence to see at bars around the world, especially in Germany.


Waiter Opens Bottles Extremely Fast

This older video posted in 2007 has just gone viral now, and is shared by Arbroath. The waiter who served


Waiter Serves 14 Cups Of Hot Tea At Once

Being a waiter is an extremely difficult job. You're on you feet all day, customers give you attitude, and the