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Wakeboarding In A Tuxedo In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netheralands, is famous for a lot of things. Anyone who has visited the city notices


Kiteboarding In Aruba

What exactly is kiteboarding? It's basically a hybrid mixing windsurfing and paragliding into one epic, extreme sport. Videographer Devin Supertramp shows viewers just


Human Water SkeeBall Is The Best Way To Start Spring

Winter is finally over! Videographer Devin Supertramp will get you in a much warmer mood with his latest project, Human Water SkeeBall. That's


Amazing Water Sports Using A Track Hoe

Videographer Devin Supertramp gathered his friends and hit up Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. Somehow, they got their hands on an industrial


Wakeskating The Rice Terraces Of Banaue, Philippines

Professional wake-skaters Brian Grubb of the US and Dominik Preisner of Germany teamed up with Red Bull to wake-skate the unofficial eighth


Man Proposes While Tandem Wakesurfing With Girlfriend

There are countless proposal videos online, but Matthew Gencarella wanted his to truly be unique.  So he set up a fun day


Wake Boarding Down A Dam In Australia

This video is from March but just went viral this winter, and is featured on BestOfYouTube. 'Somewhere in Australia,' two very daring


Wake Boarding In Cranberries

Josh Tranby pulls off some amazing visuals by wake boarding in a cranberry bog. The berries are flowing everywhere. Very


Wake Boarding In Flooded Street

In the middle of the night in Ljubljana, Slovenia, an SUV pulls a guy wake boarding in the middle of