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Meanwhile At Walmart

Friend Surprises Girl And Asks Her To Be His Girlfriend At Walmart

Ashley Williams posted this touching video on Facebook two days ago and already got over 4.9 million views on it.…

Building A Toilet Paper Fort At Walmart

Building a fort out of toy blocks and blankets is always good for some serious fun. JStu took this concept to the next…

Woman Berates Dad Using Food Stamps At Walmart

The country seems to be more divided than ever. Even a simple trip to the grocery can erupt into a…

Walmart Clerk Is Amazing Scooby Doo Impersonator

All hourly jobs can be a drag, but it's especially hard to work at Walmart. But somehow, this clerk is…

Little Girl Thinks Older Man With White Beard At Walmart Is Santa Undercover

This just may be the cutest Christmas-themed video of this holiday season. While shopping at Walmart, a little girl noticed…

Woman Tells Heart Breaking Story About Walmart Cashier Having Worst Day Ever

We all have those days when everything seems to go wrong. Paige Yore was at Walmart waiting seemingly forever to checkout, because…


Meanwhile at Walmart


Walmart baby


You know you are at Walmart when


Goes to Walmart for a milk




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