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Washing Machine Throwing Showdown Featuring ‘The Mountain’

Watch Hafthór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, best known for playing “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, and former world's strongest man…

This Happens When You Put A Brick In A Washing Machine On A Trampoline

Jump, jump - don't this hit make my machines wanna JUMP, JUMP! StreetArtGlobe recently posted this video of the ultimate…

Man Sings To Beat Of The Washing Machine

Aaron James McAvoy seems to be a lonely guy. "I could really use a wife sometimes" is the title of…

Washing Machine With A Brick Spinning Bounces On Trampoline

It's a difficult task to be original on the Internet. There's already countless videos demonstrating the disastrous effects of putting…

Boy Bangs Out Sick Drum Beat On Washing Machine

Dancarollo posted this video in September, but it only went viral now. Ten year old Whirled Beat couldn't help but notice how good…

Darth Vader Theme Played On Washing Machine

Leave it to a manly nerd to take something as domestic as laundry to honor the powerful Lord Vader. While…

Pedal Powered Washing Machine

This video from 2009 only now went viral-especially in Brazil and Portugal-and is featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks. Let's face it, in America, when…

Cat VS Washing Machine

There's birds in that there machine. I promise, I saw birds in there. Let me at 'em, let me at…

Washing Machine Sounds Like Drums

Washing machine plays a pretty good drum beat caught on video.  



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