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John Oliver Explains Why Washington DC Should Be A State

Most people don't give Washington D.C. a second thought. Many don't even know what the D.C. stands for. It means


Gay Men’s Chorus Of Washington Sings National Anthem After Supreme Court Approves Gay Marriage

Countless supporters of marriage equality were in Washington DC awaiting the ruling of the United States Supreme Court on the


Congresswoman Executes Worst Parking Job Ever

She had all the space and time in the world, but Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of Washington DC still couldn't perform


The President Takes a Surprise Walk Around DC

It's always exciting to see the President of the United States. But it's even more exciting when it's completely unexpected.


Empty Washington, D.C. Time Lapse

The Thrash Lab is again back with another time lapse as part of their Empty America series. Just in time for the


Batman Does The Weather

Viewers of Fox 5 in Maryland and DC had a very special rendition of the morning weather forecast. The Caped Crusader himself,


Michelle Obama Dances To Beyonce’s Move Your Body

Word on the street is Michelle Obama teamed up with Beyonce to make a song and music video to inspire


Guy Freaks Out That He’s The Only One On DC Metro Train

Public transportation has it up sides. It's cheap and convenient. But the price you pay is late buses and over


Socialists March On Washington DC

To counter Glenn Beck's rally, socialist marched on Washington do tax the rich and end the wars.