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Man Brings In Rolex From The 60s For Appraisal

Oh his face of pure joy at the end - pure gold! Antiques Roadshow PBS uploaded this video in April


Japanese Watch Makers Create Tiniest Rube Goldberg Machine Ever

The Rube Goldberg machine is nothing new online. But the watch masters at Japanese watch and clock company Seiko have taken things


Compilation Of Unique Analog Watch Faces Is Stunning

Today, wrist watches are basically considered antiques. Instead, most people who do wear watches today wear them for fashion reasons. If


Senior Citizens Try Out The New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is finally here. Most young people are excited about the watch, but what about the older generation?


Fools Are Tricked Into Thinking Cheap Watch Is Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch

Sadly, it seems there are many fools among us. To demonstrate this yet again, Jimmy Kimmel sent his camera crew to


Samsung Smart Watch Commercial

For decades, science fiction has been dreaming of a watch with communication abilities. There are countless examples of such devices,


Raymond Weil Watch Commercial Competition Winner [Sponsored]

This commercial won a competition for the next Raymond Weil ad. It's very elegant and sophisticated, like the watch itself. Time