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‘Swimming’ In A Pool Of Tiny Orbeez Water Balls

Orbeez are fun little water balls, basically mini waterballoons with a stronger shell. Mark Rober had The Backyard Scientist had the ingenious


Filling Giant Balloons With Liquid Nitrogen

Grant Thompson is famous on YouTube as the king of random. He often performs unexpected and outrageous science experiments. For his


Playing With Hundreds Of Water Balloons On A Trampoline

Ahh, spring time. Now we can finally play with fun things outdoors like water balloons and trampolines. That gave Mark Rober an idea.


Munchkin Cat Pops Water Balloons

A couple years ago, Halonoir0 got to work making an entire basket of water balloons for a fun July Fourth water balloon fight.


Popping A Giant Water Balloon Being Worn By Man In Slow Motion

A sunny hot summer day is the perfect time to have a water balloon war with your friends. Dan and


Bunch Of Water Balloons That Tie Themselves Are Awesome

Nothing says summer quite like having a water balloon fight with your friends and family. But tying the balloons over


Dad Pops Giant Water Balloon On Trampoline Above His Kids

One dad convinced his kids to lie down under the trampoline as a giant water balloon was slowly filled by


Water Balloons Busting In Super Slow Motion

The Crazy Russian Hacker filled four water balloons with colored water and shot a wooden skewer through them. He captured the experiment


Cat Pops Water Balloons

YouTuber Halonoir0 posted this video last July, but it has only gone viralviral now after going exploding on popular Tumblr blogs,


1500 People Water Balloon Fight In Slow Motion

To close YouTube Geek Week with a proper 'splash,' British YouTubers The Slowmo Guys teamed up with special effects master Freddie Wong.


Water Balloons Thrown At Toned Athlete In Super Slow Motion

Slow motion obsessed Pablo Vicente has finally launched a viral that has gone viralviral. He enlisted his friend Henry to star in


Waterballoons Bouncing In Slowmotion

Hackability set up their trusty slow-motion camera and grabbed a bag of balloons. By only filling the balloons partially with water,