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Powerful Winds Blow Waterfall Upwards

Rod Kirkpatrick was visiting the Kinder river by the Derbyshire Peak District, near Hayfield when he witnessed the unthinkable. The winds were…

Kayaking Over A Waterfall

Kayaking expert Dane Jackson takes on one of his most daring obstacles in this trending video. The 60 foot La Tomata…

‘Waterfall Swing’ Riders Don’t Get Wet From Stream Of Falling Water

This video from January just went viralviral only now, garnering over 200,000 views after being featured on Reddit. As each swing rider…

Jon Schmidt Plays Waterfall On Piano

Jon Schmidt, one of the pivotal members of The Piano Guys performs the when he was just seventeen, appropriately recorded outside…

Waterfall Creates Text And Pictures With Falling Water

There's been plenty of viral videos of these new Japanese waterfalls that drop water to create text and pictures before.…

Looking Over A 400 Meter Drop Waterfall

A couple tourist visited Chapada Diamantina, Brazil. Their guide took them to a beautiful waterfall. The drop over the edge…


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