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What Happens When You Put 20,000 Volts Into A Watermelon?

The Backyard Scientist put some high voltage to a fruit and got lots of pink mist and over a million


Cute Pregnancy Timelapse After Eating Watermelon Seeds

YouTuber Devon Spittle and his wife present this little guide to what happens if you eat watermelon seeds. Your life


Hippos Eat Entire Watermelons Whole At Zoo

Thanks to cartoons and their silly name, hippopotamuses have a reputation for being soft, goofy animals. That couldn't be further


Skinning A Watermelon Trick

Mark Rober is famous online for his unique tricks and optical illusions. In his latest video, he blew the minds of


Idiot Demonstrates The Wrong Way To Cut A Watermelon

Nothing says summer like a nice slice of cold watermelon. But preparing a large watermelon can be cumbersome. Kirstin C.'s friend


Best Way To Slice Watermelon For A Party

The time to enjoy juicy, delicious watermelons is getting shorter by the day as summer winds down. Life-hacker Dave Hax demonstrates an ingenious way


Shooting Watermelons In Super Slow Motion

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys had a couple too many watermelons on him, so he did what anyone with a


Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon Is Genius

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy some cold, juicy, sweet watermelon. But cutting up a watermelon isn't so


Competitive Eater Eats Entire Watermelon

The LA Beast is a crazy professional competitive eater and entertainer. For his latest gag, the Beast ate an entire


Kitchen Worker Cuts Watermelon Super Fast

This kitchen worker is the watermelon guy and has to repeat the same job over and over. As a result, he


Quick Watermelon Smoothie Hack

Happy Labor Day! To celebrate the last holiday of the summer, YouTuber Mark Rober has just debuted this new video demonstrating


Girl Dances With Watermelon Bra To Prove A Point

Openly gay YouTuber Hart Beat still receives questions from ignorant people along the lines of, "If you like women so much, how come