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Severe weather tornado forms and rotates with stunning results

Severe weather tornado forms and rotates with stunning results

[rumble][/rumble] Although very beautiful, this is the beginning of a tornado formation in Kingsley, Michigan. Check out these mind-blowing images!More


Wouldn’t You Like To Know Weather Boi?

This weather boi gets put in his place by smart and educated kid. [embed][/embed]


Weatherman Gets The Weather He Forecasts

Oh, so you think it's going to be very windy today? Well here you have it! [embed][/embed]


Finally, Clear Skies For Everyone! Too Good To Be True?!

Google Netherlands has been using their intelligent minds to come up with a very elegant solution to the weather problems


Dude Perfect’s Extreme Weather Golf Battle

Take a virtual golf court, some crazy tricksters and a lot of bad weather and et voila - 2.6 million

Irish Weather Forecast Prank

On Halloween the irish tv channel TG4 did prank his audience by showing a rather special edition of its daily


Time Lapse Shows Hurricane Matthew Slam Jacksonville Beach

Interesting footage from John Johnson / Storful that shows the dramatic impact of the recent hurricane Matthew on the sea

A year of running in Timelapse

Awesome footage by "The Hyperunner" who put together lots of video material from him jogging all year. See how he


Severe Flooding In Ellicott City

Ellicott City, Maryland has been prone to flooding for years. But the flash storm that hit on Saturday was something that locals


Cooking Steaks And Baking Cookies In Arizona Heat

It's no surprise that it gets hot in Arizona in the summer. It is of course the desert. But the


Lightning Storm In Super Slow Motion Is Stunning

Even adults often stop in shock and awe when the skies unleash a smashing thunder and lightning storm. Professor Ningyu


100+ MPH Winds Makes Guy Basically Fly

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire is experiencing some crazy powerful winds. Weather Observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham decided to check