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Funny Eccentric North-Michigan Weatherman

This video has just gone viral after being featured on Reddit. Tom Murphy is the weatherman for North Michigan's channel…

Weather Girl Caught Eating When Local News Falls Apart

Local news is never as polished as national news; and it's really not their fault. It's a much smaller operation,…

Playboy Bunnies Surprise Weatherman During Report

Weatherman Jim Ramsey was acting as a fill in on WGN when all of a sudden, two Playboy Bunnies cut in…

Newscast Falls Apart When Anchors Run Off Set Scared Of Tarantula Brought By Guest

Most people aren't big fans of spiders, but the weatherman for Indianapolis's Fox 59 is really terrified of them. A guest…

Jim Kosek Crazy Weatherman Screaming About Bronx Zoo Snake During Forecast

Most weather forecasts are dull, quiet, slow, and boring. People just kind of zone out or change the channel when…

Nancy Grace Argues With Weatherman About Radiation

Nancy Grace gives a report on the devastation in Japan and the danger of radiation from the nuclear power plant.…

Weather Man Freaks Out Over Snow Thunder

The Weather Channel Jim Cantore was a bit surprised when he heard thunder while reporting on the Chicago blizzard 2011.


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