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20 January, 2020



You Had One Job At This Wedding

Stop being so clumsy and clean up the mess you made.


Jenna Marbles Weds Her Dogs

This video got over one million views, showing two dogs getting married. An arranged marriage against their will (maybe?) -


Awesome Surprise Wedding Father Daughter Dance

Mikayla and her father did conquer the web by storm with this epic video of their "wedding reception daddy daughter


Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding Photo Shoot

Who doesn't love Tom Hanks?! He even can be sweaty and jogging in the back of a wedding photo shoot


Why Weddings Are a Total Rip-Off

Now that summer is nearly over and school has begun again, wedding season has also come to a close. Ah,


Little Flower Girl Adorably Runs In The Background During Wedding Ceremony

The moment when the bride and groom are reciting their vows and promising to only have each other is one


Kid Belly Flops Onto Bride’s Dress

Kids can go two ways at a wedding. They can be adorable and really add something special to the occasion, or they


Maid Of Honor Raps Speech To ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Sister’s Wedding

Hayley O'Brien was thrilled to be her little sister's maid of honor of at wedding. But when it came time for


Haka Dance At Wedding Is Crazy Intense

There are a lot of fun games, traditions, and cliches at weddings. The bride often throws her bouquet of flowers,


Proposing With A Puppy Is The Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever

There are literally countless videos showcasing emotional and creative marriage proposals. Some are more unique and original than others, but


GoPro On Dog Takes Best Wedding Video Ever

Do dogs know what's really going on? Yes and no. Like children, they are much closer to the ground and


Dad Signs ‘I Loved Her First’ At His Daughter’s Wedding

There are few relationships as special as the bond between a father and his daughter. So in honor of his



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