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Pirates Kidnap Bride, Groom Fights Pirates Off

After the priest says they are married, pirates attack! They kidnap the bride, and the groom must be the hero…

Groom Faints At Wedding Reception

It's probably not a good sign if you pass out right when you're supposed to say you will always be…

Ted The Dog Delivers Wedding Rings Wearing Tuxedo

That's a pretty well trained dog. He doesn't even fuss about wearing a tux. At his correct cue, he walks…

Groom And Family Sing Fiddler On The Roof “L’Chaim – To Life” For The Bride Vanessa

From the classic world renown movie Fiddler On The Roof, this groom and family sing L'Chaim to the bride. They…

Epic First Wedding Dance: Groom Dressed As Zorro Defends Bride From Attacking Ninjas

Most people just have the first dance of the bride and groom after they are first wed. Some people make…

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Discussed On NBC Today Show

Doug Wead is interviewed by Lester Holt in an NBC segment on the Chelsea Clinton wedding day.



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