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Weird Al Yankovic Unboxes His Grammy Award

Unboxing videos have become a very popular genre online. Viewers can find videos of nearly any mass produced modern gadget or tech product


Weird Al Yankovic Performs Simple Magic Floating Orb Trick

Musician Weird Al Yankovic is well known for his hilarious pop music parodies. But now he's dabbling in the realm of magic.


Weird Al Yankovic Performs Emmy Show Theme Songs At The 2014 Emmys

Weird Al Yankovic has been trending a lot recently thanks to his extremely popular new album, Mandatory Fun. So it


Weird Al Yankovic Lame Claim To Fame Music Video

Weird Al Yankovic isn't done yet. After debuting a slew of new parody videos, Al has closed his Mandatory Fun release party


Weird Al Stars In First World Problems

The Internet loves first world problems. You know, those annoying, inconvenient problems that only exist in the First World. "Uch,


Weird Al Yankovic Spoofs ‘Fancy’ As ‘Handy’

Weird Al Yankovic has kept his word of releasing a new pop parody song each day this week. Today, he


Weird Al Yankovic Parodies ‘Royals’ As ‘Foil’

Weird Al Yankovic is on a parody roll. For each day this week he has and will continue to debut


‘Tacky’ By Weird Al Spoofs ‘Happy’

The Internet went absolutely crazy with Pharrell's hit sing Happy. Users still can't help sharing, spoofing, and liking the catchy song.


Sir Isaac Newton VS Bill Nye Epic Rap Battle

There's no question Bill Nye The Science Guy has swagger. But is he cooler than Sir Isaac Newton? Now that's a


Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Weird Al Perform Come Together

What did you have at your New Year's Eve party? A bunch of friends and dip? Maybe you went out