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Alpha Males Do Not Exist

Alpha male? Beta guy? It's all rubbish. [embed][/embed]

Don’t Go And See Valerian

The Valerian movie is just insanely weird. [embed][/embed]

How To Use A Carrot As A Musical Instrument

Making music is fun, but making music with a carrot is... even funnier? And a bit weird. [embed][/embed]

Touch Your Nose

The number one most useful skill when your tongue is this long.

What Nickelodeon Slime Is Made Of

Nickelodeon slime, who doesn't know it? The silly green stuff might not be as innocent as you think. [embed][/embed]

Not Every Double Chin Is The Same

Do you have a double chin? And is it similar to one of the double chins in this WTF-video? [embed][/embed]

Tongue Show Off Contest

Decide for yourself, who has the best tongue? Is this romantic or just plain weird?

When Your Life Is Falling Apart

When your life is falling apart, and Mercury isn't even in retrograde.

Hi Can We Share Your Boat?

Hey, let me ruin your relaxing boat trip real quick. Thanks!

When You Worked For Too Long At The Grocery Store

We're not sure if this guy is just insanely fast at what he does, or whether he just couldn't care…

How A Melancholy Egg Yolk Conquered Japan

Japan is known for their weird shit, so it's no surprise they love this egg yolk cartoon.

Crazy Cat Attacks Man

Cats can be really weird and this fine example is no exception.


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