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I Want To Be Like My Owner So I Do Everything She Does

Parrots are excellent animals when it comes to imitating others. These two have practiced for sometime, as you can see


How To Get Jason Segel’s Attention With Just A Piece Of Paper

Okay, so this one is seriously WTF. Dog Shirt is craving both Jason Segel's attention and paper. Combine both and you


Robot Beats ‘I Am Not A Robot’ Captcha

Maybe you have seen these "I am not a robot" fields you have to check instead of reading some weird


8 Beautiful, Weird, And Scary Things Ice Can Do

Olivia Gordon from SciShow presents us a lot of weird ways ice can be used. This trending video already got


Listen To This Christmas Song Written By An AI

It is kind of admirable and parts creepy what Hang Chu presents us with this. "Neural Story Singing Christmas" is


Huh, that’s weird GIF

Crazy But Real Law Case Got Animated With Rick & Morty

For fun Justin Roiland from has read a real court transcript a few weeks ago in the voices of "Rick


Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You

Sorority girls have a really bad reputation on and off campus. Apparently, Okeditor is not a fan of Alpha Delta Pi. They took


Dry Ice In Slime Has Awesome Results

As the Internet already knows very well, dry ice is always good for some entertaining science experiments. Being the self


Woman At Salon Freaks Out At Other Customer

Apparently, this guy really didn't like his hair cut. So he returned to the salon to give the staff an


Random Guy Dances Like Crazy By Alley Way

Ryan Stanley was rolling down the street when he noticed an older man dancing by the alley way. But there was no music!


Guy Finds Loud Worker Outside His Luxury Cruise Window

When people drop thousands to go on a luxury cruise they know it's worth it for the manner you are pampered like royalty.



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