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Spray On Clothing

Some genius has to much time on his hands and created spray on clothes. It's not spray paint, but a


Dude You Have No Quran Auto Tune Remix Song

The guy grabbed a Koran before it could be burned. Here's the remix of the news report. CLICK HERE TO


Two Babies Floating In Womb – Born HIV Free Commercial

This commercial is just bizarre. Two babies floating in the womb bouncing around. If the mother gets treatment there is


World’s Shortest Man – Edward Nino Hernandez Columbian Dancer

Colombian Edward Nino Hernandez is 24-year-old and has been officially named the world's shortest man by Guinness World Records. He


Japanese Man In Pink Rubber Stretchy Ball

This old viral video just resurfaced again. This is so strange, I don't even know what to say. This Japanese


Llamas With Hats Part 3

Llamas With Hats is a viral video series that boggles the mind. From the creators of Charlie The Unicorn and


Eccentric Woman Getting Coffee At Gas Station Retells Story Of Robbery – Backin’ Up Because My Daddy Taught Me Good

Two people robbed a gas station when an eccentric woman was getting coffee. She retells her story to the news.


Dodge Commercial ERASES Monkey!

Here is the original Dodge commercial with a cute monkey pushing a pump to spray some confetti in honor of


Cow Drinks Her Own Milk

Now that's what I call recycling. Or is it renewable energy? Or self sufficient? I duno. It's weird and it's