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Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing One Direction

Last summer, Jimmy Fallon introduced 'Black Simon and Garfunkel,' starring members from his house band, The Roots.  A year later,


What Makes You Beautiful Spoof Blasts Mitt Romney

FullFrontalFreedom, a coalition of independent artists and media folks trying to get their feet wet in the political world, have just


Barack Obama Singing What Makes You Beautiful

The fun and ridiculous Barack-Obama-singing-pop-song videos continue to be published by the editing and lip dubbing masters at Baracks Dubs. The


What Makes You Beautiful Parody Mocks Grown Women

Everyone knows that boy bands like One Direction are aimed at a very specific target audience. Teeny bopper girls. But


Five Guys On One Piano Cover What Makes You Beautiful

The Internet's best piano masters, The Piano Guys, have taken the music game to the next level in their latest track.


Cast Of Anything Goes Make What Makes You Beautiful Lip Dub Music Video

Raymond J Lee worked with the cast and crew of the hit Broadway musical Anything Goes to bring their talents to the


One Direction Justin Bieber Mash Up ‘Sang’ With Just Laughter

In this video, Aussie cover band Masketta Fall performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin