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What Does The Fox Actually Say

Thanks to Norwegian comedy group Ylvis, the Internet world has been wondering one very important question: what exactly does the


YouTube Rewind 2013 Wrap Up

The end of 2013 is upon us. Countless wrap up videos have already been posted online, but few can compete


Harvard Med Students Explain ‘What Does The Spleen Do’ With ‘What The Fox Say’ Parody

Even young kids have a pretty good idea what tasks the lungs, heart, and even stomach perform.  But many adults


What Does The Fox Say On GLEE

When you have a professional television show, you're bound to be a little late with the Internet parodies. Web culture


What Does My Girl Say SNL Ylvis Parody Music Video

Like nearly everyone else, this week's SNL host, Kerry Washington, is sick of What The Fox Say by Ylvis. But when she


What Does The Farmer Say Ylvis Parody Music Video

When he's not working on the farm, Derek Klingenberg likes to create country-themed pop music parodies.  His latest farmer spoof of the


Actors Of ‘Last Vegas’ Read Viral Pop Song Lyrics

Hal Rudnick of movie-obsessed Screen Junkies had the lucky opportunity to have a chat with the four stars of the new Hollywood


What The Fox Say Halloween Light Show

As we've mentioned before, the Halloween light show season is upon us. Naturally, someone just had to create an outdoor


What The Fox Say On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Norwegian pop sensation What The Fox Say by comedy group Ylvis is still on top of the Internet charts. The crazy


Fox Screaming In Backyard What The Fox Actually Says

The hit Norwegian comedian single What The Fox Say by Ylvis has truly taken the Internet by storm, and currently stands with


Elders React To What The Fox Say Music Video

The Internet is an odd and strange place that most older people aren't familiar with.  So to educate and enlighten


Ellen Performs ‘What The Fox Say’

After hitting the web two weeks ago, the new hit single The Fox has become a viral sensation. The eccentric