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Swordfighting While Skydiving

You’re Home Early

Grandma Come Get Me

Like A Wrecking Ball

Only The Dead Know Peace

No One Cares

I Just Saw My Brain

Kid Asks Strangers For A Light Social Experiment

Adults know that smoking cigarettes is bad for them in every way, yet many still continue to smoke for a…

Giving A Veteran A Ride In A Ferrari

YouTuber Whatever got his hands on a Ferrari F430 for the day, and decided to pick up random people waiting at the…

Trying To Open A Bank Account While Wearing A Ski Mask Prank

Bank robbers in the movies always wear ski masks. So it's no surprise the pranksters from Whatever were quickly kicked out of…

Picking Up Girls By Speaking Italian

Prankster Whatever sent his Italian buddy Raffaello onto the streets to test an old adage. Do girls really fall head over heels for…

Walking A Pet Dinosaur In Central Park

For Whatever's latest gimmick, they teamed up KHA Entertainment who is responsible for those realistic looking dinosaur suits that are so…



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