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Players Have A Rare Tie On Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune is arguably the most famous television game show, tied with Jeopardy and The Price Is Right. Speaking of tying, having


Genius Crushes Wheel Of Fortune

Every now and then, a classic TV institution like Jeopardy or The Price Is Right will trend online. Usually, it's


Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Confuses Internet With Her Strange Letter Guesses

As Veterans Day was on Wednesday, Wheel of Fortune invited three veterans to play their famous letter guessing game. As


Lucky Smart Woman Crushes Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a funny game. You can be a genius, but have terrible luck. And you can have


Wheel Of Fortune’s Third Million Dollar Winner

For the third time in Wheel Of Fortune history, a contestant has won the grand prize of one million dollars! After winning


The Luckiest Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Is Also The Worst Player

Julian of Indiana University seemed to be on a roll. Over and over the player before him kept messing up


Contestant Answers ‘Impossible’ Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle On First Try

The Bonus puzzle is often the most difficult in Wheel Of Fortune. And for good reason, the contestant has a


Woman Wins One Million Dollars On Wheel Of Fortune

For the second time, a player has won one million dollars on Wheel Of Fortune. After completing a slew of


Wheel Of Fortune ‘Magic Wand’ Fail

It's easy to call out answers at the TV while sitting on the couch and shoveling popcorn in your face,


T for Tom Wheel Of Fortune Fail

Failing on TV in front of a live studio audience always makes the fail that much better. In this brutal


Pat Sajak Drops His Pants On Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak recently made headlines when he admitted on a TV interview that in the early days of Wheel Of


Woman Solves Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter

She asks for an 'L', and then asks to solve the puzzle. How in the world this woman was able