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The Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer

An Example of the Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer What a funny wildlife video we have today. This video…

Scuba Diver Stumbles Upon Very Odd Ocean Creature

Scuba Diver Runs Into Very Strange Ocean Creature The sea is full of creatures that few people in the world…

You Probably Aren’t Chilling Out When A Cheetah Jumps Into Your Car, Or Are You?

Cheetahs are majestic as fuck, but best observed from a distance. This guy, however, doesn't take ViralViralVideos' advice too seriously…

Wild Orangutan Learns How To Use A Saw

"Spy In The Wild" is just another wildlife documentary show on BBC. With this preview for episode 2 of the…

Look At This Rare Mole Cricket!

Coyote from Brave Wilderniss encounters a rare Mole Cricket, that chirps like a cricket and digs like a mole. Pretty…


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