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26 November, 2020



Smash Mouth Recreated From Windows XP Sounds

This is weirdly ingenious! James Nielssen already got over 500,000 views on this lovely nonsense. "pass me the floppy disk"…

Fainting Man In Rollercoaster Set To Windows Sounds

ThierryTuyishimeTV uploaded this edit of a ever-fainting man in a rollercoaster set to the Windows sounds of booting / shutting…

This Guy Really Really Hates Windows Updates

Most of us ignore those annoying pop ups from Windows telling us to update the computer and restart it. But Endless…

Story Behind World’s Most Viewed Picture

Windows XP has become one of the world's most popular operating systems since its debut in 2001. As a result,…

Child Of The 90’s Nostalgic Internet Explorer Commercial

Microsoft has been going through some serious changes over the past year. Their new Windows 8, tile interface operating system…

Google Glass Windows Spoof

After Google Glass project went viral, vlakkeland published this humorous spoof of what the augmented reality glasses would be like if they ran…

90’s Bikini Babe Gives Windows 95 Tutorial

Windows 95 really was a huge step for Microsoft, and gave consumers a whole new look and feel to their…

Windows 8 Preview

It feels like Windows 7 just came out, but already Windows 8 is getting ready for launch. It'll be sometime,…



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