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Usefull Stuff You Can Do With Empty Wine Bottles

Household Hacker asks us "What Can't You Do With a Wine Bottle?" and answers this rethorical question with a video


Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

Ahh, the holidays are finally here. That means dinner parties and drinks with friends. For some reason, drinking wine has


Thrown Champagne Bottle Shoots Right Back At Thrower

What are the odds?!? A man dressed in a suit threw a bottle of bubbling wine at a stone sculpture


Expensive Wine Is For Suckers

We've all been there before. We're at a fancy party or dinner and we are offered an expensive and exclusive


Uncorking Champagne With A Giant 50 Caliber Rifle Is Impressive

It doesn't matter if it's for a celebration, a party, or just for a nice holiday drink, Champagne is always a


Trying To Make Sparkling Wine Using Soda Stream Machine Ends In Disaster

It seemed like an ingenious idea. Little Noah wanted to give his dad a nice glass of sparkling wine but they


How To Pronounce Tricky Names Of Popular Wines

There's nothing worse than going to a fancy dinner or party only to be the one fool who can't properly pronounce


Unconventional Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

You're about to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine, but then, to your horror, you discover that you can't find a


Lena Headey And Jimmy Kimmel Chat ‘Game Of Thrones’ Style

It seems the characters of Game of Thrones are always talking in a dark room with dramatic music in the


Legend of Zelda Theme Song on Wine Glasses

The theme song for The Legend of Zelda maybe one of the most famous musical pieces in video game history


How To Open Bottle Of Champagne With A Saber

Opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword is how a dashing gentleman opens the bubbly wine. But you can't just


Jimmy Fallon Plays The Most Ridiculous Game Of Beer Pong Ever With Diane Keaton

Jimmy Fallon played a very special game with his guest Diane Keaton. As she is a huge wine-o, they played Beer