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Irish Brewmaster Reviews Cheap Wines

After having a wine expert taste test cheap beers, Buzzfeed is switching things up.  Americans sure love their cheap wine.…

Most Dangerous Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine

The new YouTube channel XtremeWineProduction has gone viral! The comedy group published this video, titled Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle…

Seven Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Household Hacker is, naturally, most famous for their 'life hacks.' A common 'life hack' is to access alcohol, be it beer…

Russian Trick How To Open Bottle Of Wine With Hammer

Only a true Russian could figure out how to open of bottle of wine with a hammer. No corkscrew or…

Overly Complicated Mechanical Machine De-Corks Wine And Even Pours Into Glass

Now a days, everything is digital, but not long ago, all technology was entirely mechanical. With no electricity, wires, or programs,…

Tapping Open A Champagne Bottle With A Glass

This older video from 2009 went unnoticed for almost two years. Just now it has erupted with activity. A man…

Wine Shelf Falls Over

The wine aisles always make me nervous. I'm always afraid that bottles are going to fall off. They're all on…



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