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21 August, 2019

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Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave Is Intense

For three years, daredevil Uli Emanuele has been preparing for one of his most intense, difficult, and dangerous jumps. While wearing


World’s First Wingsuit Base Jumping Dog

Famous rock climber and adventurer Dean Potter and his dog have made history by jumping off a cliff together. Whisper the dog


This Incredible Wingsuit Flight Through A Narrow Utah Canyon Will Blow You Away

Aviation and wing-suit master Scotty Bob is a pro, so don't try this one yourself.  Scott daringly flew through an extremely narrow canyon


Russian Daredevil Jumps Off Mount Everest

Red Bull is well known around the world and online for celebrating all things extreme. They last made international headlines In


Wingsuit Cave Flight

Alexander Polli has gone viral after video of his daring cave wingsuit jump hit the web. Not only did he


Urban Wingsuit Flying Over Rio de Janeiro

Wing suit flying videos are always popular online, but this brand new one that was posted over the weekend is


Wing Suit Race

Donning on a wing suit and gliding down like a flying squirrel continues to be a favorite theme online. But devinsupertramp has


Stuntman Skydives With NO Parachute

ITVNews published this exclusive video yesterday of experienced stuntman Gary Connery skydiving parachute-free that already has over 650,000 views. He only wore a wing-suit to


Jokke Sommer Wingwuit Flying

Wingsuit videos are no longer new, but that doesn't mean they are any less cool. Jokke Sommer is one of the


Man Flies In Winged Bird Suit

For millennia, man has yearned to fly in the air like a bird. Even all early flying machines were based flying


Man Flying In Wing Suit Crashes Into Mountain

Jeb Corliss is more daring than most. He's a professional wing-suit flyer. That means he jumps off mountains and slowly gliders


Real Life Flying Man In Wing Suit

This guy is just like those fools centuries ago tried to fly like bird, but he is actually more successful.



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