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Skier Accidentally Drives Off Of A Cliff And Films The Whole Thing

Devin Stratton fell off of an unmarked 150-foot cliff in the backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah - and


Frisbee Keeps Rolling Across A Frozen Lake On A Windy Day

This truly is strangely compelling. M4RKOS2011 gave his frisbee a push and because of the strong winter winds and the


How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

This time of year the northern part of the world is freezing and doesn't want to go outside. Instead we


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate A Cloud Of Smoke

Dmitry Panshin uploaded this video of a dashcam recording a little winter drive behind a cloud of snowy dust. 200,000


Sledding With A Cat

YouTuber jessesphotos has the #1 trending video on YouTube right now, showing him sledding with his cat Weston on his


Animals Of Oregon Zoo Enjoy The First Snow Day Of 2017

How about some fluff images? Get your portion of the day with this video by Oregon Zoo. "Polar bear Nora,


Canadian Christmas Driveway Ice Hysterics

Caroline Charter witnessed and uploaded this very funny encounter between old people lacking balance and slippery ice. An entertaining mixture,


Simon’s Cat: Guide to Winter

The newest issue of "Simon's Cat" has been uploaded several hours ago and already got over 200.000 views already. "Watch


Look At These Cute Disguised Pugs For She & Him’s ‘Winter Wonderland’

Even if you are not fond of the music of "She & Him" or christmas music in general - your


Iced Roads Make Crazy Traffic Mess At This Intersection In Montreal

You would think that Canadians are used to snow and ice a lot so the breaking of winter wouldn't be


100+ MPH Winds Makes Guy Basically Fly

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire is experiencing some crazy powerful winds. Weather Observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham decided to check


Windshield Wipers ‘Play’ We Will Rock You

Ice is the last thing on motorists minds now that summer is just around the corner. But only now has