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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Wolverine

CineFix published this fact video about Logan a few hours ago, having gathered over 150,000 views yet that count should


Every Easter Egg And Reference In Marvel’s ‘Logan’

Mr Sunday Movies got over 200,000 views on this compilation of "you might have missed"s... "All the Logan Easter Eggs,


If Logan/Wolverine Was Actually An Old Man

If you think that old movie Logan is still a lot better in shape than you - don't feel bad.


Crushing Adamantium With Hydraulic Press

Another taste of the hydraulic force. Or not? Mutant style! This video got over 1.2 million views within it's first


Who Would Win: Wonder Woman Or Wolverine?

In this episode of "Super Power Beat Down" the people from batinthesun discuss (or let discuss) who would win a


Super Heroes VS Video Game Heroes

There are no superheros as epic and super as Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America. But what about the video game


Wolverine Dances To All The Single Ladies

Wolverine is the brutish mutant superhero from X-Men with a dark side. He's known for his short temper and anger


Homemade Automatically Retracting Wolverine Claws Are The Coolest

There's no question that Wolverine is one of the coolest, most popular of all the X-Men. Just look at how many


Wolverine The Musical

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is coming soon. To further hype up the action superhero movie, Wolverine


Wolverine Cat

How can the everyday house cat be any cooler in the eyes of the Internet? Cross it with the popular


X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer

The newest trailer in the X-Men Movies series has just debuted online, and it has instantly gone viral! Nerds can't help


Professor X Fires Wolverine In ‘Ex-Men: Wolverine’ Comedy Sketch

Of all the X-Men, Wolverine is the most famous. He's just so cool. There's even an offshoot X-Men movie series