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There’s a name for people without beards – Women


If Men Breastfed

I never would have thought to blog a commercial about breast pumps, or that something like that could be funny.


Why Men’s Bikes Have A Horizontal Crossbar & Women’s Not

I thought this fact would be general knowledge, but somehow this video by Today I Found Out, explaining why there


Funny Sketch About Flirting At The Gym

Studio C got nearly 500.000 views with their sketch about men hitting on women in the gym. It may got


Hipster Santa Gets All The Fame…

SantaClara gives a shoutout to all the women out there, who make every christmas to something special in this really


Iranian Women Ninjas

Iranian state TV has released this news  clip covering Iranian women ninjas. According to the state, there are 3,500 women


Women Perform Dancing Flash Mob In Bet Shemesh To Don’t Stop Me Now

There has been recent controversy in the town of Bet Shemesh in Israel where a small minority of ultra extreme religious people


Iranian Female Police Training Video

This older clip has been circulated online for years. It recently has been shared on sites like Guyism and Buzzfeed. Women in


Men Apologize For Oppressing Women

For most of history, women have been under the heel of men. Women were barred from running for office, or even


Women’s Bodies Named After Artist, Not Fruit

For as long as I can remember, women's body types have been referred to as fruit. Either a pear, or