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How To Make A Ball Out Of A Block Of Wood Is Mesmerizing

Woodworking master Matthias Wandel demonstrates his impressive skills in this new video. Using some simple tools he turns a block of wood into


Building Woodshop Stop Motion Is Far More Entertaining Than Expected

Last spring, Hampton Rutland was busying trying to finish his woodshop. He got a bunch of slabs of reclaimed wood from his


Incredible Folding Table Is Genius

Now that the warmer weather is finally here people will be going outside to enjoy the sun and have a


Japanese Woodworking Is A Work Of Art

The Japanese are renown around the world for their attention to detail. This video by traditional Japanese architect only further


Transferring Inkjet Photo To Wood Is An Awesome Trick

Woodworker and artist Steve Ramsey demonstrates a cool trick anyone can try in this trending video. Steve first gets a page


Man Makes Dining Room Table For His Wife Using Only Hand Tools

Chris is a professional woodworker and often posts his work on his YouTube channel, Chop With Chris. His most recent project


How To Get A Pinball In A Solid Wooden Cube

Woodworker Pocket83 divulges the secret to his pinball in a solid piece of wood. After drilling four holes in a cube of


Danish Man Confronts Thieves Who Stole His Giant Wooden My Little Pony

Things are obviously much different in Denmark.  Danish artist YouTuber Thomas Dambo built a giant, pink My Little Pony from scrap wood,


Woodworker Builds Rocking Chair With No Powertools

As his YouTube name suggests, Chop With Chris features talented woodworker Chris who prides himself in only using traditional tools for


Man Makes Wooden Foot Powered Lathe

Over the weekend, woodworking master QueticoChris went viralviral! Just over a week ago, he published this sped-up video of himself making a foot