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Robots Will Steal Your Job

Maybe you think that's nice, but enjoy it while you still can. [embed][/embed]

The Easiest Way To Pack Your Lunch

Always in a hurry when you're heading for work in the morning? Your life gets a little easier with these…

Working For UPS Has Its Perks

This man loves dogs and loves his work, so why not combine both? [embed][/embed]

You’re Hired!

When you know yourself so well, you know exactly what to say to get a job.

The Coolest Of Coolest Guys

Don't ever let them know the real you.

Gotta Be Productive

See, I deserve the salary you're paying me!

You Can Leave Early If You Wa-

When your boss is in a good mood, you can't waste any time to seize the opportunity and abandon your…

That moment when you walk out of work

Do the work for three, thanks

Got any more of them days off?

How I look when I leave work knowing I did nothing the whole day

Bosses be like – You still coming to work right?


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