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Gym Fails: Best of 2018

Gym fails always make us laugh for some reason and here are the best from 2018, courtesy of The Nice…

The Real Morning Workout Routine

A morning routine of contemplating life.

Baseball Star Kris Bryant Gets Pranked By Hall Of Famer Greg Maddux

I am moving at the moment and kind of buzy, so I sadly can't deliver you the normal frequency of…

The Ultimate Workout Fails Compilation

With "Workout Fails: New Year, Same Me" Fail Army demonstrates us that "Sport ist Mord" ("sports kill you") as we…

The Gym As A Wildlife TV Show

We might think we are an advanced species, but in the end we are still just animals. We often can't…


After one minute of workout


Of course I workout


Little Johny and Sally workouts


How I feel after workout

If Tinder Came Out In The 1980’s

The 80's were a magically time when home computing, workout dance videos, and even dating videos were born. Now, we have online…


Hardcore workout MEME

1980’s Aerobic Workout Video Perfectly Syncs Up With ‘Shake It Off’

Ahh, the late 1980's, it was a great time. One popular fad back then was aerobic workout videos. Some genius found an…


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